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Hosted by The Onward Way Consulting Group

The Love After Loss wellness retreat experience is carefully designed for women who are ready to love themselves again.

Join us for five rejuvenating days of introspection, growth, and self-discovery in a beautiful beachfront environment designed to support and nurture you on your healing journey.

During this experience, you will gain tools and resources to guide you as you reset and rediscover joy, inner peace, and cultivate a deepened love for yourself.

Led by expert coaches specializing in leadership, cognitive behavior, mindset, nutrition, and more, this is a retreat for not only rest but restoration. It is ideal for women who are ready to feel whole and who want to stop doing what isn't working and start fully living the lives they love.


Authentically. Differently. Holistically. 


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Here is some of what we've planned for you...

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DAY ONE- Welcome

NOVEMBER 2, 2022

Once you arrive at the beach house, relax and unwind, your Onward retreat experience begins with an oceanside mastermind, meet & greet, and much more! 

DAY TWO - Inward

NOVEMBER 3, 2022

We will start each morning with movement on the beach. Begin to co-create your personalized strategy to move Onward with a 1:1 coaching session and our signature group Circle Up coaching session. 

DAY THREE - Outward

NOVEMBER 4, 2022

In addition to your daily Circle Up coaching session, you will be pampered with spa treatments in your room or outside while you listen to the surf. End the day with our fireside chat.

DAY FOUR - Onward

NOVEMBER 5, 2022

Now that we've explored Inward and Outward, this is the day you refine your plan to move Onward in your healing journey. You will set your intentions and step into the life you envision and deserve.

DAY FIVE - Launch Day

NOVEMBER 6, 2022

On this day, you will soar. Rather than go back to your old life, you will be ready to move intentionally into your purpose-filled reality. This is only the beginning. The best is yet to come in your journey Onward.

Five days and four nights of rest, relaxation, and restoration… 
so you can move Onward.



With a heart to serve, Dr. Jena Bell creates experiences for women to heal and discover their true self.  Facing divorce and job loss back-to-back at a point in her life, she decided to not just survive but thrive, creating a comeback that exceeded all expectations. Inspired by the call to purpose, she helps women create and live the life they desire without sacrificing the career they love. She believes we all have purpose and fulfilling it is living in overflow. She specializes in mindset shifting, coaching, transformational, purpose-driven leadership, and strategy. She is mother to a talented and brilliant daughter.

With a heart for people and a mind for business, Nicci Morris cultivates human-centric, empathy-infused change through coaching, conversation and community. Nicci uses an approach that is based in cognitive behavior to help women co-create lives and legacies they love. She is convinced the key to a happy, healthy life is to work smart and play always. She is the mother of one brilliant, beautiful and bold daughter, Amina.

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Losing a loved one, a relationship, marriage or even a job can trigger grief, leaving you feeling powerless as you try to face your new reality. The feelings are real, but reality is different. It’s hard to see beyond the pain. We get it. That’s why we created the Love After Loss Retreat Experience. It’s a special time designed to help you welcome a new beginning, reclaim your power, and find joy. 


We will guide you step-by-step as you embark on your new journey, uncovering new possibilities hidden by emotional pain. Once you arrive, we handle the rest, creating a safe space for you to find Love After Loss.


Reset. Reboot. Recharge. Rediscover. Restore 

Discover love and inner peace. 

Feel whole  and center on your purpose.

Reenergize your inner spirit. 

Reboot and ignite your dreams.  

Recalibrate and break ties with pain. 

Experience joy and discover new possibilities. 

Gain clarity and create your path onward.

Cultivate deeper self-love.

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Stay 17 steps from the beach while you gain tools you need to move Onward.

Set alongside the 20-mile stretch of beaches and coastal towns along Florida’s famous Emerald Coast, you’ll find white sands, azure views, and laid-back vibes. This region takes a relaxed approach to oceanfront living, perfect for your luxury retreat experience. 

You will stay in an upscale home perched directly on the sand in your own en suite. Airy spaces and coastal interior design set the perfect ambiance for your experience. You can enjoy private time between our sessions on the beach or inside the entertainment room for shuffleboard or a game of ping pong. Veer a little further out to the balcony and let your child play spirit lead you to a quick game at the billiards table for friendly competition with your sister group. Outdoors, a pool & deck offer yet another way to spend your personal time, relaxing, swimming, and journaling under the sun. You will enjoy open-air dining experiences where views of the ocean serve as the backdrop to chef-prepared meals. 

In addition to onsite amenities, spa treatments and specially-designed movement and mindfulness sessions, you will participate in an off-site excursion.

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Private Beach Villa

With this all-inclusive experience, you will have your private room and bath, direct access to the beach to get away for your private downtime, meals spent overlooking the ocean, sister circles, transformational learning experiences, spa treatments and mindfulness sessions that rejuvenate your soul, and time to unwind, reset and reboot. 


This retreat is perfect for…

love after loss (3).png
love after loss (3).png
love after loss (3).png

The woman who has unresolved emotions from personal and/or professional loss.

The woman who is separated or divorced. 

The woman who has lost a partner, a parent, a child or another loved one to death. 


Consider joining a future Onward retreat experience if…

love after loss (3).png
love after loss (3).png
love after loss (3).png

You aren't yet ready to peel back layers to reveal and heal your the areas within heart that need attention.

You don’t intend to unplug from your day-to-day life as much as you can to truly engage in this experience.  

You’ve not had the COVID-19 vaccination or booster. For the safety of our guests and team, we will require testing prior to the start of the retreat.

Image by Ameen Fahmy
Meditating on Beach
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What better way to experience a journey of learning, inspiration, and release than with other amazing women on the bright sunny beaches of Florida's Emerald Coast?


Your Love After Loss retreat experience investment includes:

  • Luxurious private sleeping quarters with en suite

  • Access to all-scheduled Onward events and parties 

  • An off-site private excursion 

  • A special edition Love After Loss Retreat Swag Box

  • Roundtrip transportation to/from the beach house and group activities

  • 30-, 60-, 90-day accountability group coaching    

  • VIP membership and 12 months of access to all virtual content in the Onward Collective virtual hub

What's NOT included:

  • Flight and airline transportation

  • Travel Insurance







A Recap of What's Included

  • Access to all-scheduled Onward events and parties 

  • An off-site private excursion 

  • A special edition Love After Loss Retreat Swag Box

  • Spa treatment

  • Daily mindfulness and movement sessions

  • All chef-prepared meals and beverages

  • Sister Circle fireside chats

  • Group coaching and 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Roundtrip transportation to/from the beach house and group activities

  • Roundtrip airport transportation in Florida

  • 30-, 60-, 90-day accountability group coaching    

  • VIP membership and 12 months of access to all virtual content in the Onward Collective virtual hub

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